How Much Money Will I Need When I Retire?

Ben Calder from Calder Wealth Management helps you figure out how much you need in your super fund to retire with peace of mind.

Video: The Power of Markets

Watch here...

A 2 1/2 minute video that explains how security prices are set – and change – based on the collective knowledge of buyers and sellers. Armed with this information, investors can be more confident about the power of financial markets.

The Australian: Calder Makes Top Financial Advisers List

Ben Calder from Calder Wealth Management is among the top five advisers in South Australia top 50 in Australia, according to The Australian and respected US investment publication, Barron's.

How a Simple Plan Can Help You Get on Top of Debt

if you're trying to deal with debt, you need a plan. Read these important tips from financial adviser Ben Calder.

Stop Living Week to Week With These Personal Cash Flow Tips

Finding it hard to get ahead? Get your personal finances back on track with these cash flow tips from Calder Wealth Management.

Divorced? Remarrying? Time to Update Your Will

Adelaide financial adviser Ben Calder writes about the importance of ensuring your Will reflects your current marital status.

Property Prices Are the Lowest They've Been in 18 Months

The month of May 2017 saw a drop in Australian home prices that hasn't been seen in a year and a half sending a significant message to property investors, writes Ben Calder.

Tips to Help You Have a Healthy Retirement

Growing your financial nest egg is a key factor in preparing for retirement. But are you also investing in your health? Read more from Adelaide financial planner Ben Calder.

What To Bring To Your First Financial Planning Meeting

Meeting with a financial expert to plan your future and dreams? You can get things off to a great start by being prepared, writes Adelaide financial planner Ben Calder.

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