New Financial Adviser Kerryn Shaw

Calder Wealth Management welcomes new Associate Financial Planner Kerryn Shaw to the team.

Getting Started With Shares

Interesting in starting and growing a share portfolio? CWM's Ben Calder explains the basics.

Connect Newsletter Spring 2017

Welcome to our Spring 2017 Connect newsletter

Are Interest-Only Loans on the Way Out in Australia?

Interest-only (IO) loans have been the go-to loan for property investors. But things have changed, according to Adelaide mortgage broker Cliff O'Connell.

Top Tips to Avoid the Stress of Moving House

Moving house is exhausting, mentally and physically. Read this blog, get organised and skip the stress.

Seminar Series 2017

We have announced our seminar series for 2017.

Preparing for the Cost of Your Kids' Education

Many Australian parents worry about affording their children' education. Ben Calder from Calder Wealth Management shares practical steps you can take to prepare worry-free!

6 Steps for Setting Up Your Platform for Retirement

Where are you in your retirement planning? Get on track with this guide from Calder Wealth Management.

How Much Money Will I Need When I Retire?

Ben Calder from Calder Wealth Management helps you figure out how much you need in your super fund to retire with peace of mind.

Video: The Power of Markets

Watch here...

A 2 1/2 minute video that explains how security prices are set – and change – based on the collective knowledge of buyers and sellers. Armed with this information, investors can be more confident about the power of financial markets.