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We apply our innovative thinking and expert investment guidance to your tailored plan and goals.

We don’t rely on hearsay. Broadly, we cover the academically-backed four primary drivers of investment market return:

  • Market. Equities have a higher expected return over cash because of the higher level of risk.
  • Size. Within equities, smaller companies generally out perform larger companies and have a higher expected return.
  • Value. Equities that trade under their market capitalisation have a higher expected return.
  • Profitability. Companies with a history of being profitable are more likely to continue to be profitable in the future, and therefore have a higher expected return over time.

When applied, these drivers provide up to 93% of investment return with market forces, such as momentum, greed and world events driving the rest.

More specifically, our approach focuses on:

We use evidence and our financial prowess to build portfolios. We understand the importance of discipline, and removing emotion, guesswork and speculation from the process.

Fundamental to our approach is our commitment to researching new and innovative ways to build investment portfolios and building on our 4 decades of financial expertise. We’re not afraid to recommend an unconventional approach when it’s to your advantage. As seasoned veterans with vision and intellectual know-how, we strive to provide alternative investment opportunities rarely available to qualified investors.

Our experience shapes our vast economic history and in-depth expertise in financial investment. We use these resources to identify dimensions of the market that present the highest expected returns and specifically target them through advanced portfolio design, trading and implementation.

Investment strategy is a lot more than picking stocks or gaining access to the latest investment portfolio. We manage your investment portfolio based on where you are in your life, not the daily ups and downs of markets. Long-term financial success requires strategy, diversification and discipline.

Highly regarded in our industry we pride ourselves on our ability to form longstanding relationships with leading financial academics, opening up remarkable investment opportunities to our clients.

We will keep you up to date and informed on all aspects of your investment portfolio to provide you with confidence and peace of mind.

Risk is a part of life and our expertise provides strategies that suit your investment portfolio, whilst providing a risk management solution aligned to your risk tolerance and needs.

Your investment portfolio can focus on environmental sustainability while still targeting high returns. Factors can include the environment, social and governance. Find out more.


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