How to review your retirement plan

There are major factors impacting on how people are planning for retirement especially in the wake of the pandemic. How do you gain a true picture on where you're at?

Australian wealth, investment and finance trends for 2021

A COVID vaccine, international relations and a volatile stock market are just some factors to influence Australia's economic outlook in 2021.

What have investors learned from 2020?

Through the highs and lows of 2020, investors can take a number of learnings to fast track their progress towards their wealth goals.

Connect Newsletter Summer 2020

Welcome to our Summer 2020 Connect newsletter

What the easing of lending laws will mean for you

The Australian Government announced that new, relaxed lending laws will come in from 1st March 2021. This is a major win for first home buyers, owners and investors, says mortgage broker Hayley Walsh.

What to do with your tax cuts

The Government recently announced a range of tax cuts to promote spending and drive economic activity. However, is this the smartest way to use the extra cash?

Keys to achieving financial maturity

Many people have been spending their lives building bad spending habits and splurging their wage on wasteful living. Now, the global pandemic has provided a huge wake-up call, forcing more people to 'grow up' financially.

How investors can deal with FOMO and FOBI

Suffering from FOMO and FOBI? CWM's Ben Calder explains how investors can manage their emotions and minimise regret with their investment decisions.

Federal Budget - 2020/21

Last night the Federal Treasurer handed down the 2020/21 Federal Budget.

Contactless, frictionless financial advice

CWM has adapted through COVID-19 and introduced new contactless ways of working with clients, making it safer and easier to get the financial advice you need.