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Join CWM in supporting the Mother's Day Classic, which raises funds for breast cancer research.

Connect Newsletter Autumn 2017

Welcome to our Autumn 2017 Connect newsletter

Career Opportunity - Entry Level Paraplanning Support

Interested in finance? if so we have a great entry-level role for you to support our paraplanning team in our award winning and ever growing practice!

Career Opportunity - Associate Adviser

We have a great role available for an Associate Adviser to support our Senior Advisers in our award winning and ever growing practice!

What Can a Mortgage Broker Do for Me That My Bank Can't?

Cliff O'Connell of Calder Finance Broking addresses your biggest concerns about working with a broker instead of your bank.

Fixed, Variable and Split - Which Loan is the Right Fit for You?

By breaking down three primary ways to structure your loan payments, Calder Finance Broking's Cliff O'Connell has some helpful tips for you to choose the right loan.

Struggling With That Deposit? Let's Talk Family Pledge Loans

Attention first home buyers: are you having trouble scraping together a deposit for your first home purchase? Calder Finance Broker Cliff O'Connell writes about the family pledge loan option.

Connect Newsletter Summer 2016

Welcome to our Summer 2016 Connect newsletter

Surviving Separation Podcast: Financial Planning for Divorce

Ben Calder, financial adviser and managing director at Calder Wealth Management, joined TGB's Surviving Separation podcast to discuss the financial repercussions of divorce.

Financial Planning After Divorce

The aftermath of divorce or separation can make it hard to know what to do next. The Calder Wealth Management team has practical suggestions for lessening the financial blow of a split.