Jun 30, 2018

Our Insights

Do you really need a financial adviser?

Consider this: there’s no shame in getting professional help to reach your goals. Athletes need coaches. Actors need managers. And savvy investors need financial advisers.

It’s a simple fact that we all need help in reaching our goals, whatever they may be.

The point of getting assistance is to increase the odds of winning. Many wildly successful professionals rely on the assistance of a mentor or career coach to help them overcome the obstacles that arise during their career.

Why are advisers and coaches so important?

The wisdom of a seasoned expert is invaluable. Combine that knowledge with the discipline to forge ahead during challenging times and you’ve got a powerhouse combination that will keep you on the right track. 

The right financial advisor can be to an investor what a coach is to an athlete. An adviser can provide you with the expertise, perspective and encouragement you need to keep you in your seat and focused on your ultimate goal.

This is particularly crucial at times when the market plunges and you feel like panicking. On the other hand, a sudden upswing in the numbers might make you too excited to think clearly.

You need someone who will keep you steady and help you see the big picture no matter what the headlines scream.

A recent survey conducted amongst advisers found that along with making progress towards their goals, investors place a high value on the sense of security they receive from their relationship with a financial adviser.

Having a strong relationship with an adviser can help you be better prepared to live your life through the ups and downs of the market without making any impulsive decisions you’ll regret.

That’s the value of the discipline, perspective and calm that a financial adviser can bring to your life. That’s the difference the right financial adviser can make.


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